Delivering Trusted Insights with Integrated Data Quality for Collibra

There’s a saying, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you.” But, in today’s data-driven world, this saying couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Understanding and trusting your data is critical — whether you’re complying with regulations like CCAR, GDPR, or CCPA, operationalizing privacy policies, or unlocking insights for a competitive advantage.

Trillium Discovery seamlessly integrates with Collibra Data Governance to deliver the visibility you need to ensure your data is fit-for-purpose and business rules compliant. With Trillium Discovery for Collibra, you get unprecedented visibility into the health of your data – including a data quality scorecard – right in your Collibra dashboard.

Join this webinar to learn how integrating data quality into your data governance platform unlocks the value – and eliminates the risk – hidden in your data, and see the new Trillium Discovery for Collibra in action!

Key topics will include:

  • Benefits — and challenges — of data governance
  • Importance of data quality for data governance
  • Trillium Discovery’s industry-leading data validation and quality monitoring for Collibra
  • Powerful new features in Trillium Discovery for Collibra
Delivering trusted insights with integrated data quality for Collibra
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