Ask the Experts Panel: How Customers Add Value to ServiceNow® Discovery and Service Mapping with Ironstream

As organizations today try to ensure that their digital transformation is executed as efficiently as possible, IT teams are tasked with delivering an ever-increasing number of services to the business. To effectively manage these mission-critical services, IT needs to know how they work—which infrastructure components and applications deliver a service and how they interact. Without this service visibility, there’s no easy way to resolve service outages, optimize service architectures, or assess the service impact of infrastructure changes. This is even more challenging when the business relies on siloed legacy systems like the mainframe and IBM i.

ServiceNow® Discovery builds on discovered infrastructure data to identify all the Configuration Items (CIs) that support a service, along with their service-specific relationships. It works hand-in-hand with ServiceNow® Service Mapping, which automates the service mapping process — creating a complete, up-to-date, and accurate record of your digital services in the ServiceNow® Configuration Management Database (CMDB). IT organizations with mainframe and IBM i can get more value out of these vital ServiceNow® Workflows by leveraging Precisely Ironstream to bring in mission-critical machine and log data from these previously siloed systems.

Watch this on-demand Ask the Experts Panel as they explore customer success stories and discuss how organizations are using ServiceNow and Ironstream to deliver a comprehensive, real-time view of their IT landscape. Our experts will discuss:

  • How Discovery and Service Mapping Workflows allow customers to optimize their IT infrastructure
  • Why mainframe and IBM i machine data is vital to IT Ops teams
  • How Ironstream enhances Service Mapping and Discovery to strengthen IT operations
How customers add vaue to ServiceNow Discovery and Service Mapping with Ironstream
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