All About Data

The influx of new and informative data provides a tremendous opportunity to connect with a customer on a personalized, more impactful level. But with more data comes more challenges: how do you know it’s relevant? How do you know is recent? And most of all, how do you harness it to make accurate and informed business decisions and shape strategy?

Join Precisely, the global leader in data integrity entrusted by the most prominent names in real estate and 99 of all Fortune 100s, for a high-level discussion about data and what you need to know for your business.


  • Learn how key players in the real estate and PropTech industry leverage Precisely’s services, and how brokerages can use it to solve daily problems
  • Discover how data drives content and curated customer experiences in real estate
  • Discover how your company can gain a global advantage with data
All About Data
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