Operationalizing a Vision for the Monetization of Telco Consumer Data

Telecommunications companies have an abundance of subscriber activity data at their fingertips, which can be highly valuable to third-party organizations when it comes to location-based decision making. But how can telcos properly enrich this data with the context needed in order to successfully turn that data into a revenue stream for their business?

View this short on-demand webcast, where our Customer Information Director, Dominic Tomey, discusses the following:

  • Why location intelligence, particularly mobile trace data, can be so valuable for clients when making decisions based on location – particularly for retail, banking and other financial institutions
  • How Precisely worked with a large provider of wireless telecommunications to successfully monetize their consumer data
  • How to correctly apply contextual enrichment in order to derive the most value from subscriber activity data – including the use of demographics and point of interest data
  • How to drive results through self-service environments in order to visualize the outputs for further analysis, as well as for Machine Learning and AI applications