Solution Sheet

Spectrum Entity Resolution for KYC

Overcome data challenges to streamline compliance at every step with Spectrum Entity Resolution

Achieve better outcomes at lower costs with Spectrum Entity Resolution

The cost of KYC compliance impacts every financial institution. Poor data quality and the inability to see the full breadth of customer relationships make it even more challenging.

Spectrum Entity Resolution makes it easy to find, link and visualize complex relationships. Our solution enables you to identify entities and resolve problems in less time with fewer resources. With sophisticated data matching and analytics, it’s simple to augment your existing systems and workflows. Now, you can detect suspicious activity, consolidate cases and provide analysts with the information they need to resolve investigations with speed and precision.

Save money, improve detection and streamline investigations

Identify entities with confidence- Find parties across disparate databases, accounts and transactions. Spectrum Entity Resolution verifies and validates missing information, so you can detect matches even in records with misspellings, nicknames or cultural variances. The use of unique identifiers makes it easy to correlate, link and access data on all parties.

Generate a single view of the customer- See customers as they really are by linking complete profiles, related transactions, onboarding documents and related images. Our unique visualization of networks, maps and interested third parties make it easy to spot non-obvious relationships.

Increase productivity at every step- Our solution employs customer-centric rules that consolidate and prioritize cases. Analysts can launch and review all case-related content on a single screen with no duplication of effort or time wasted toggling between multiple systems.

See customers as they really are. Add efficiency and insight to:

  • Customer due diligence
  • Onboarding and account activation
  • Automated maintenance
  • Ongoing surveillance
  • Offboarding

Gain business agility with a single platform

There’s no need to replace your existing platforms, systems or processes. Spectrum Entity Resolution builds on your existing infrastructure, and provides global capabilities for anti-money laundering and entity resolution worldwide.

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Spectrum Entity Resolution for KYC