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Customer Story

Rapid Data Requests for Commercial Banking Company

A large Consumer and Commercial Banking Company has sales, marketing and legal business groups that were demanding 20 to 30 data requests per month from centralized IT resources. Developing requirements, getting approvals for access and allocating expensive highly technical resources would take 3 to 6 weeks for each request. When data was returned, any changes for missing or expanded requirements would start the cycle over, further delaying the deliverables to the business. Plus the requests were not trackable and caused data flow delay problems for other projects in the queue for infrastructure work in Informatica.

The bank implemented an automated process for logging requests and used an agile process for provisioning results using Data360 Analyze. Data360 Analyze empower users to discover and share insights faster with self-service data prep and analytics. The most successful businesses have common denominators: maximizing organizational efficiencies, mitigating risk, growing revenue and innovating – fast. Data360 Analyze is the fastest way to aggregate and organize large amounts of data to uncover valuable insights across business units. Easily access, prep and analyze quality data through its intuitive browser-based architecture.

Learn more about how this large consumer and commercial banking company delivered a data flow that could be run by less technical and less expensive resources, responding to the requests overnight.