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Customer Story

Major Nutrition Manufacturer Delivers the Power of Health with EnterWorks PIM


Nutrition manufacturer and consumer packaged goods (CPG) products face an increasingly complex business environment. They are constantly pressed to find new ways to make operations more efficient and meet evolving regulations, all while improving the customer experience and delivering product transparency. Now, EnterWorks is helping manufacturers strategically leverage product information to drive quality and commerce.

The Challenge

Backed by 125 years of developing, producing, and marketing science-based wellness products, this leading nutrition manufacturer offers a wide range of products under 12 brands. Its products include formulas, milks, shakes, bars, and specialty products for infants, toddlers, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those with special dietary and health needs.

The company serves over 150 countries and also allows customers to order its products online. With such a breadth of products, the manufacturer was challenged to store, manage and enrich product information. In fact, the data and information were managed in no less than 10 independent and siloed applications.

The product information in these applications was handkeyed, inconsistent, and error prone. As product information changed in the manufacturer’s ERP, the downstream systems were not properly updated. Therefore, catalogs and trading partner syndications were generated from these systems with inaccurate product information.

The nutrition manufacturer turned to EnterWorks Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM) solution to centralize the management of product information enterprise-wide. This allows the business to distribute accurate and up-to-date production information in catalogs, on the company’s website, and to their trading partners.

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