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Customer Story

Health Plan Increases Visibility into Systems Status to Improve Performance

Precisely developed an enterprise-wide view of current operational systems statuses by actively monitoring and collecting status updates across systems for this healthcare payer.

As a healthcare payer company, this Precisely customer has a large number of operational systems with specific targets for processing duration, response time and availability. The systems include batch systems with specific processing windows, customer-facing applications with response time maximums, and shared-services applications with availability requirements.

Already using Precisely’s data quality solution for reconciliation processes, the health plan wanted to augment these services with the visibility capabilities of Precisely Data360, to also monitor their system statuses. The customer approached Precisely for assistance to build out the monitoring, status consolidation and visualization of the cross-systems statuses.  Beyond the consolidation of system statuses and the generation of alerts when target thresholds were exceeded, the customer requested a color-coded system to increase visibility in tracking critical processing issue severity levels.

Precisely created an overall systems status dashboard to display the status for each systems area. The dashboard is accessible via a stored link in the customer’s SharePoint site.  The solution captures the systems status and refreshes the Precisely Data360 dashboards nestled behind the overall systems status dashboard. Color-coded statuses within dashboards communicate issue severity levels: grey (status
not available), green (executions completed within the SLA), yellow (executions completed, but SLA exceeded) and red (executions incomplete and SLA exceeded). From the overall systems status dashboard, drill down to other dashboards allows viewing of the specific execution details as well as historical trend data.

Key capabilities of the Precisely solution include:

  • Data File Monitoring
  • Data Preparation
  • Data Analysis

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