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Customer Story

Community of Brindisi Modernizes Mapping to Preserve Millennia-Old Architecture

Founded as an Ancient Greek settlement, the Community of Brindisi has a long and storied history. Preserving the architecture of millennia is a key concern for modern government officials. The city’s proximity to the Adriatic Sea makes hydrology and environmental issues crucial as well. For years, Brindisi has used mapping technology to display information about environmental protections, zoning and permitting restrictions, and similar characteristics of individual properties. When it needed an upgrade, the city deployed a solution from Precisely that provides 80 to 90 percent faster performance, while dramatically improving the maps’ user-friendliness and significantly reducing staff time dedicated to mapping.

A port city located in southern Italy’s Apulia region, Brindisi has played an important role in European trade and culture for millennia. Today, the community continues to serve as a pioneer of environmental preservation techniques. “Brindisi is a small city, but there are a number of issues that we have to deal with around environmental protection, landscaping and hydrology,” says Teodoro Indini, architectural official with the community of Brindisi.

The city has long used mapping software to understand these issues. Community members and city employees access an online Web GIS application to answer zoning questions, visualize boundaries of environmentally protected areas, and determine landscaping and permitting restrictions on specific properties. Previously, the Web GIS solution was built on MapXtreme from Precisely. The solution displayed the information Brindisi needed, but the city wanted a more modern solution. Brindisi decided to upgrade to Precisely Spectrum Spatial and the new release of MapInfo Pro Advanced.

The city worked with Precisely partner Geo Marketing to deploy and configure the solution. Now, Spectrum Spatial collects both internal data and regional information from external sources that have been properly certified. MapInfo Pro builds maps based on this data. A total of 128 layers can be visible at the same time on the same map, which enables Brindisi’s users to create maps to serve a wide variety of needs.