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Customer Story


Autoliv uses Assure iTERA HA to ensure its on-time delivery requirements are always met

For Autoliv, downtime can result in missed delivery requirements and measurable revenue losses. The company contracts with nearly every automaker in the world, and some contracts even specify a fine for late shipments. Every effort is made at this business to reduce both planned and unplanned downtime.

Autoliv System Administration Supervisor Mark Christensen, his IT team and the management of Autoliv know first-hand the value of reliable high availability (HA) software. This business relies on its JD Edwards ERP applications for financial, inventory, customer service, and purchasing functions for 13 manufacturing facilities worldwide. These applications run on an IBM® System i server with an eight-way processor that holds nearly a terabyte of data while processing as many as 70 million daily transactions.

Autoliv sells to virtually every automaker in the world, and the company is required to meet stringent on-time-delivery requirements with these automakers. When on-time delivery requirements aren’t met, Autoliv can incur measurable revenue losses. In fact, many suppliers are evaluated on a regular basis for timeliness of deliveries and quality of product. Some contracts specify that a supplier can be fined for each shipment that is delivered late. That’s why every effort is made at Autoliv to reduce both planned and unplanned downtime.

When the Autoliv ERP team began looking for a superior yet cost-effective HA product, they learned about Assure iTERA HA from Precisely. As they looked more closely and talked to several Assure iTERA HA customers, they found that latency—even at high transaction levels—was rare because the product uses remote journaling.

In addition, Christensen’s team learned that Assure iTERA HA customers regularly test and use the role-swap process because it’s so simple to execute. But what locked the decision to choose Assure iTERA HA was the price, according to Christensen.

Read this case study for details on how Autoliv was able to minimize planned and unplanned downtime to keep business running smoothly.