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SAPinsider Process Automation in Supply Chain Benchmark Research Report

As global supply chains continue to struggle due to ongoing disruptions, the need for process automation with SAP® supply chain processes has never been more pressing.

Findings from the new SAPinsider report, Process Automation in Supply Chain Benchmark Research Report, show that 51% of respondents cite resiliency as the top supply chain concern driving the need for process automation, with agility close behind at 46%. A backdrop of disruptive world events means businesses are increasingly battling against global supply chain disruption, as well as mounting pressures to keep pace with changing consumer preferences for digital, local, and sustainable goods – resulting in an urgent need for supply chain transformation.

The research also found that 89% of respondents believe process automation in the supply chain is either “important” or “very important” to attain digital transformation objectives. However, a major gap remains between where the industry needs to be and where it currently stands: Nearly three-fourths (72%) indicated that less than 50% of their supply chain processes are currently automated, with this dropping to just 25% for a further one-third of the respondents.

Read the full report from SAPinsider – Process Automation in Supply Chain Benchmark Report – for further insights on:

  • What currently drives process automation in the supply chain
  • How companies address business needs and execute strategies
  • Top supply chain process automation requirements
  • Which technologies do companies use for process automation

Get your copy of the report today and uncover how process automation can help build robust supply chain capabilities required for today’s complex supply chain.

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