Analyst Report

Future of Mainframe & IBM i

Data and IT are vital to all organizations whether they are accessed on-premise or hosted in the cloud. And today’s demands on systems drive the need for a resilient infrastructure, an agile team, as well as performant, accessible information to deliver high-velocity, reliable business services to customers. But what if you use a mission critical legacy IBM platform such as mainframe or IBM i? Does this disrupt your digital transformation plans? Are these environments out of step with the rest of your IT? Are they less visible to those who need insight from an infrastructure or data perspective?

Getting essential information to the right place at the right time may be a challenge. Problem resolutions may take longer than they should and negatively impact your business…even your reputation. Mainframe and IBM i are still mission critical in systems and services for many organizations. But are they as connected as they could be? Can data access, infrastructure resilience and overall agility be significantly improved?

Read this report and learn how these issues are being overcome and the solutions that can move businesses forward when faced with cloud platforms, pressure on essential systems and services, and a backdrop of legacy systems.

Report_Future of Mainframe and IBM i_220511_E_final
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