Syncsort™ Optimize DB2

Surpassing basic tuning to optimize your Db2 on z/OS workload performance, saving resources and reducing negative impacts of application or environment changes

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Improve mainframe Db2 performance

Syncsort™ Optimize DB2 complements traditional Db2 performance tools. While traditional tools focus on real time monitoring of SQL statements and historical analysis of static SQL workloads, Syncsort™ Optimize DB2 takes a unique end-to-end “Workload-Centric and Workload-Aware” approach to performance optimization for both dynamic and static SQL.

Using Syncsort™ Optimize DB2, it’s easy to monitor Db2 SQL workloads, collecting static and dynamic SQL that application programmers, DBAs and performance analysts can use to quickly identify high-cost or problematic statements. Vital performance data, including a multi-dimensional analysis of the SQL workload, allows you to drill down into the SQL metrics and access paths.

Syncsort Optimize DB2

Workload optimization

Syncsort™ Optimize DB2 is the leading solution for Db2 SQL workload performance analysis and optimization on z/OS. It helps DBAs save Db2 resources, improve performance, and dramatically reduce the impact of application and environment changes.

Syncsort™ Optimize DB2’s Tracer and Cache tools help tune Db2 systems by revealing the hidden SQL statements that consume the most resources and capturing static and dynamic SQL with advanced consolidation. You can identify how environmental or application changes may affect performance and resource consumption. And you can use Syncsort™ Optimize DB2’s Index Analyzer to determine how effectively your indexes support your predicated usage, based on actual SQL workload and production data characteristics.

Using Syncsort™ Optimize IDMS and Syncsort™ Optimize DB2 together with an ongoing joint-development relationship with Precisely, BT’s database operations and the demanding services they support have achieved industry leadership status for reliability and 24×7 up time.

British Telecom

Better visibility for a targeted approach

Performance optimization is complicated by ever-increasing volumes of dynamic SQL from distributed Java and .Net applications, ad-hoc query reporting tools and packaged applications including SAP® and PeopleSoft®. In the face of these and other challenges, it can be difficult to identify the SQL statements causing performance issues.

Syncsort™ Optimize DB2 consolidates metrics for ‘otherwise identical’ statements where such statements have different literals and other variable information. Syncsort™ Optimize DB2 determines how the workload is distributed across consolidated SQL statements, then provides the tools to use this information to help better manage and optimize performance.

Syncsort™ Optimize DB2’s Impact Analyzer tools make it possible to anticipate where changes will impact performance, making it easy to avoid potentially detrimental effects of changes to application SQL or the system environment.


Reduce costs
Reduce hardware and software costs today, and avoid upgrades tomorrow
Save CPU time
Increase efficiency by reducing up to 50% of Db2 CPU time
Reduce risk
Keep systems running smoothly after migrations or other changes
Improve design
Ensure correct index design for new and existing applications

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Syncsort™ Optimize DB2

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Workload-Centric Solution Saves Supermarket Chain Money – Today & Tomorrow

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Customer Story

British Telecom Optimizes Databases with Syncsort™ Optimize DB2 and Syncsort™ Optimize IDMS


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