Precisely Announces New Data Quality Service and Powerful Data Catalog-Driven User Experience in its Market-Leading Data Integrity Suite_

Precisely Announces New Data Quality Service and Powerful Data Catalog-Driven User Experience in its Market-Leading Data Integrity Suite

Customers can build trust in their data for confident business decisions using interoperable data integrity services that run wherever data lives, on-premises or in the cloud

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Precisely, the global leader in data integrity, today announced the latest innovations in the Precisely Data Integrity Suite. Customers can now quickly build data pipelines, integrate data into new cloud platforms using hundreds of connectors, and easily access enhanced data observability, geo addressing, and data enrichment capabilities. Its unified data catalog also enables Suite services to seamlessly interoperate and powers a new searchable user interface that reveals a full inventory of business and technical metadata.

“Today’s businesses wrestle with delivering trusted data from hybrid environments to analytic systems using a mix of point solutions. They lose control of their data as it moves from data producer to data consumer, and as a result, data issues aren’t identified until they hit downstream systems,” said Sanjeev Mohan, Principal and Founder at SanjMo and former Gartner Research VP. “The Data Integrity Suite now brings together Precisely’s longstanding leadership in data quality with data observability and data governance so teams can not only observe, detect, and predict problems, they can also fix them – in the environments where the data lives.”

Organizations are under increasing pressure to move fast and harness the power of trusted data for confident decision-making while driving down costs by doing more with less. In fact, new research 1 by the Center for Business Analytics at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business shows that data-driven decision-making is a top goal for organizations worldwide, with 77% of business leaders citing this as their main priority for 2023. This was closely followed by the positive business impacts that confident decision-making can bring – including operational efficiency (73%), cost reduction (62%), revenue generation (59%), and regulatory compliance (57%).

The Data Integrity Suite’s interoperable services empower customers to make business decisions based on trusted data by enabling them to proactively detect issues, get a clear understanding of data use and lineage, enrich it with curated datasets, and make it available wherever it’s most needed – whether that’s in an on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environment.

The latest enhancements to the Data Integrity Suite include:

  • New Data Quality service – market-leading data quality capabilities from Precisely, already enjoyed by customers today, are now available directly in the Suite. Suite customers can design data quality pipelines with a friendly, intuitive interface and run quality processes natively in the cloud – or wherever data lives. Critical data can be easily validated, geocoded, and enriched to ensure accuracy, consistency, and context for downstream operations and analytics.
  • Integrated data catalog – automatically captures metadata through any Data Integrity Suite connection, powering a new data catalog-driven user experience. Access a complete inventory of business and technical metadata to easily search, explore, understand, and collaborate across critical data assets.
  • Support for hundreds of new connectors – scan even more data environments to integrate data into new platforms using hundreds of new connectors. The Suite’s Data Integration service can now provide real-time data replication from various sources, from complex mainframe IMS and VSAM sources to market-leading cloud platforms such as Snowflake, Google BigQuery, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Redshift to make data available where it is needed most.
  • Easy access to geo addressing and data enrichment – validate, geocode, and prepare address data for easy enrichment by attaching a unique and persistent PreciselyID – available through the Suite’s new cloud-native Geocode API or Data Quality service.
  • New data observability capabilities – proactively observe more data attributes to detect issues before impacting downstream systems. The Suite’s Data Observability service now provides alerts on schema drift, offers significance thresholds, and allows support for all major cloud data warehouses – giving organizations more insight and control over data observations than ever before.

“With these latest advancements, the Data Integrity Suite provides a seamless experience like no other, empowering businesses to harness trusted data for critical decision-making,” said Anjan Kundavaram, CPO at Precisely. “Customers can now effortlessly access the highest quality data, proactively observe it to prevent issues downstream, unlock essential context, and make it available in the environment of their choosing. The data catalog provides the unique common thread, meaning different services can be easily combined for maximum value.”

To learn more about the latest innovations in data integrity, don’t miss the upcoming Precisely Trust ’23 free virtual event. Special guests will join Kundavaram for a deep-dive session on the brand-new advancements to the Suite – register today.

  1. 2023 Data Integrity Trends & Insights Report, Center for Business Analytics at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business in partnership with Precisely – full report coming June 2023

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