What is Customer 360?

Customer 360 refers to the creation of a master customer record by aggregating all data about that customer from across the organization.

Customer 360 provides a trusted, single view of a customer’s name, address, contact information, gender, and interactions with a business. The view can include information about purchase history, billing, service issues, social presence, and channel preferences. Businesses can use this data to inform engagement strategies, customer journey steps, communications, personalized offers, and deliveries. A Customer 360 view enables organizations to derive value, achieve sustainable competitive advantage, and maximize new customer acquisition opportunities whether in-store or online.

Why Customer 360 is Important?

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When businesses understand their customers, they can deliver superior customer experiences while securing their own competitive advantage. Customer 360 view businesses can:

  • Provide exceptional customer experiences that increase the likelihood of repeat visits
  • Increase profitability by reducing lost revenue associated with billing errors and failed or repeat deliveries
  • Increase transaction and cart values by recommending companion products at checkout, online and in-store
  • Use loyalty program data insights to generate discount coupons and personalize direct marketing offers, all at scale
  • Avoid customer frustration with online marketing campaigns and merchandising tactics that drive them to backordered or unavailable products 
  • Simplify tax reporting by associating individual sales with actual locations
  • Improve the quality of data that feeds data analytics and machine learning initiatives, making downstream decisions more precise

How Precisely Can Help?

Learn more about Customer 360 solutions and explore how one Precisely customer implemented a Customer 360 initiative to perform more efficient, personalized marketing and customer support.