What is Db2?

Db2, or Database 2, is a set of relational database products built and offered by IBM. 

Relational databases enable enterprises to create declarative data models accessible via queries. For this purpose, IBM invented the popular and now standardized Structured Query Language (SQL). A simple and English-like language, SQL facilitates the creation of data sets and tables while providing the means to access and manipulate the data contained inside. 

Db2 products include operational databases, data warehouses, data lakes, and fast data. SQL allows for flexible data table manipulation by allowing multiple users to insert, delete, and update records simultaneously using specific SQL commands. Db2’s advanced features coupled with its strong security regime have made it a popular database product in the contemporary software industry. 

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Enhanced operational database management

Db2 allows for enhanced operational database management solutions thanks to its on-premises and cloud-based options, industry-leading data compression, mixed workload performance optimization, modern data security, and flexible scaling and readjustment. Data warehouse solutions include the standard SQL language engine, which encompasses a wide range of data structure and types, making it inclusive for any business. 

Another Db2 solution from IBM is Data Lake. Data Lake is an analytics solution focused on unlocking value from unstructured data sets. Known for its agility in helping enterprises build data-backed solutions, tapping into otherwise unstructured data sets provides another useful resource for building real-time analytics programs and applications. 

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