IT Operations Checklist for z/OS Mainframes

Our IT Operations Checklist provides a comprehensive start to ensuring the health, availability, and security of your z/OS mainframe systems

For the past several decades, monitoring the overall health of IT components running on the IBM z/OS mainframe has been left to a number of vendors specializing in real-time monitoring of performance and availability.

Although they have done a more than adequate job with deep-dive analysis into the individual technology silos, there has remained a gap in the overall approach to providing an integrated and holistic view of IT operations within the mainframe world.

There are a number of different data sources that are available within the IBM z/OS mainframe that can be leveraged to provide insight into the operational health of the system and applications as well as providing visibility into security and compliance issues. For example, the System Management Facility (SMF) on z/OS collects and records a large amount of information on performance, security, and technical operations. Tera- bytes of very useful information can be recorded daily. Virtually every operational event that occurs on the mainframe — from a simple log-in attempt at a particular workstation to a potential breach of system security — is captured and recorded in one or more SMF record types. Every transaction across CICS, Db2, and WebSphere MQ results in an SMF log record being created. And it doesn’t end there: anything that occurs on z/ OS — network activity, file transfer operations, and more — has some type of related log information that can be used to gain operational intelligence.

For a comprehensive start to ensuring the health, availability, and security of your z/OS mainframe systems, download our new eBook IT Operations Checklist for z/OS Mainframes and explore how new technologies have emerged that enable you to capture mainframe information and quickly move it to an open-system based analytics platform to be integrated, correlated, analyzed, and visualized.

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