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As geospatial data grows, gaining meaningful and timely access to location-based context is increasingly challenging. Most GIS software is limited by its inability to process large volumes of data, while also being easy to use and able to work alongside a range of applications and data types.

MapInfo Pro is different.

Innovative: Out-of-the-box 3D visualization, advanced raster capabilities, customized applications, and more – MapInfo Pro is all you’ll ever need from a desktop GIS

Powerful: Multi-resolution raster (MRR) file format means users can process massive datasets, rendering terabyte-scale images with amazing speed

Intuitive: Easy-to-use and highly customizable to meet your unique business needs

Flexible:  Seamless connectivity with enterprise-level spatial analytics that is key to maximizing data collaboration and sharing potential

The following languages are available for the MapInfo Pro v2023 free trial: English, French, German, Japanese, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Hebrew, Turkish.

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