Anchor Point is now part of Precisely, the leader in data integrity

Anchor Point Group was acquired by Precisely in 2021. Anchor Point’s wildland fire solutions are now part of the Precisely Boundaries product family.

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Wildfire Risk

Wildfire Risk is a scientific and up-to-date wildfire hazard and risk assessment database covering the United States.

  • Assess wildfire risk exposure while addressing the varying characteristics of each landscape
  • Avoid high-risk areas while identifying pockets of opportunity in generally risky areas
  • Understand wildfire risk at the property level
  • Measure a property’s proximity to high & very high wildfire zones and to the wildland – urban interface
  • Visualize wildfire risk sheds for all 50 states

The Anchor Point No-HARM wildland fire risk assessment solution is now part of the Wildfire Risk product from Precisely

Dynamic Weather

Dynamic Weather is an API enabled, weather enrichment service for real time, forecast, and historical inquiries.

  • Pull recent, current, and future weather impact based on customizable inputs
  • Access a complete, preventative alerting solution that allows you to notify customers of an impending event based on customizable parameters
  • Price policies and services competitively while mitigating exposure
  • Align your products and services with buyer behavior influenced by weather patterns
  • Minimize claims volume pre-event

Anchor Point’s wildfire risk solution has been incorporated into our robust Dynamic Weather product


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