White Paper

Location Intelligence Making Places Smart

Location intelligence offers many exciting opportunities to help deliver improved services in the public sector. But what does this mean in real terms? This report was commissioned in recognition if the transformative potential of this emerging technology, coupled with a degree of uncertainty among our members about how best to leverage these opportunities.

Working in partnership with Precisely, we identify areas where location intelligence can add significant value to public sector service delivery. We also explain how to progress in order to reap these rewards. In addition to evaluating the value of location intelligence to the sector, the report also provides case studies outlining how local authorities have utilized location services successfully. We all know that the use of data is key to modernizing operational practice and improving the experience for customers across the full range of public sector activities. Location intelligence is an increasingly widely used term that describes how geographically referenced data adds a new dimension to predictive analysis, using data to predict future behavior. This is not about re-packaging GIS. Location intelligence has its roots in big data management.

Advances in technologies originally developed for use in defense mean they can now be used to address key challenges in the public sector. It is Socitm’s conviction that this intelligent use of data will become extremely prevalent in a short space of time. We want our members to be poised, prepared and ready to adopt a fresh and optimistic approach to the changes and chances to improve this next chapter represents. This report is not an exhaustive account of the technical scope of location intelligence solutions. Instead it seeks to highlight how innovative organisations are already implementing the technology effectively.

We also wanted to showcase the potential of location intelligence solutions, particularly to readers who have never knowingly engaged with exploring the opportunities they afford. Above all, we want to provide our members with food for thought that provides them with the sustenance required to discuss and collaborate emerging technology in the disruptive time. In partnering with Precisely, we are facilitating the opening words of an important conversation. One whereby we make consultation with an expert readily available and personal as we each progress to the next stage of this exciting journey towards a smarter place.”

Location intelligence making places smart whitepaper