Customer Story

Mobile Asset Management Makes North Lanarkshire Council More Responsive to Residents

In North Lanarkshire Council, east of Glasgow, the department of environmental assets is responsible for 185,000 properties. Managing the assets housed on all these properties is a massive undertaking. The North Lanarkshire Council had used Precisely Confirm software for almost two decades when managers saw an opportunity to improve efficiency.

As an example, Steven Broadfoot, customer service and compliance manager for environmental assets, explains how the council formerly handled resident complaints about graffiti. The call center would log the call, then email information to the appropriate depot, where an administrator would print the message and place it in the mailbox of the local graffiti supervisor. The supervisor would then assign it to a crew. When the crew had removed the graffiti, they would fill out a paper form describing their actions and hand the form to the supervisor, who would pass it to an administrator, who would log it into the Confirm asset management system.

Similar processes governed other public inquiries, such as those regarding headstones in cemeteries, play structures in parks and “fly tipping” (illegal dumping). “These were long, drawn-out processes,” Broadfoot says. “The interval between receiving an inquiry and logging our response in Confirm might be three or four days.”

To improve efficiency, the council deployed Precisely ConfirmConnect and built a series of custom dashboards in the Confirm application. The dashboards enable managers and staff throughout the council to monitor and update in real time the status of any asset and its maintenance data.

In the graffiti example, all public inquiries that come into the contact center now immediately reach the handheld device of the appropriate field officer. “The officer sees details in ConfirmConnect and can connect to a map that helps locate it,” Broadfoot explains. “The officer can upload ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures and a description of the job. As soon as the officer hits ‘update,’ employees across the council see that the graffiti has been removed.”

Mobile asset management makes North Lanarkshire Council more responsive to residents