Customer story

Leading Global Bank Saves Big via Syncsort Network Management Takeout of “Net” Vendors

With Syncsort Network Management, this bank saves an estimated $75M per year

A leading Global Bank was looking to reduce costs and remove redundancy across their systems. They also sought to consolidate the number of vendors to minimize future staffing requirements in the least disruptive way possible. After an in-depth evaluation of the company’s needs, they chose Syncsort Network Management, a product that encompassed the functionality of all of its previously used products without the redundancy and unnecessary cost.

In combination with IBM’s NetView, Syncsort Network Management also proved to serve as a powerful add-on which has elicited even greater efficiency.

As is common in the M&A-heavy banking and financial ser- vices sector, new leadership naturally looks lower costs and IT is always at the top of the list. With a topline goal of saving $75M, a consolidation of IT divisions to reduce the duplicate/similar operations (and products performing the same function) was an obvious choice. A massive IBM footprint growing faster in size and cost than seemed appropriate positioned the mainframe as ripe for immediate examination and action within the larger cost reduction effort.

An upcoming new procurement cycle drove the timeline but the need was there and management didn’t want another year of multiple people manning multiple different green screens to essentially do the same thing.

Considering the future and knowing the intensive testing tasks that are (and will continue to be) part of the operation, the IT leads also hoped the green screen could be replaced or at least augmented with a graphical user interface to better serve this important function and the people who manage it every day.

Clearly, having Netview, NetMaster and other duplicative products running in parallel in the same IT organization wasn’t resource efficient, so evaluating the best of those solutions on which to standardize was logical. The desire was also there to enhance functionality while doing a long overdue consolidation of vendors that would minimize future staffing requirements and free up scarce and valuable mainframe resources immediately.

Global Bank Saves Big with Precisely Syncsort Network Management Case Study