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Customer Story

Experian Reduces Programming Requirements with Document Composition Technology from Precisely

A leader in credit reporting and direct marketing, Experian maintains credit information on over 200 million consumers and 14 million businesses, as well as demographic data on most U.S. households. The organization provides address information for more than 20 billion promotional mail pieces to over 100 million households every year. Five production facilities occupy a combined 1 million square feet, and nearly 2 billion pieces of mail ship annually from Experian’s mail processing centers.

Experian needed to find a solution that would help it simplify a highly complex document production process. In particular, Experian was looking for a solution that would help reduce data programming requirements, increase flexibility in the document generation process to allow for the production of highly customized customer correspondence and simplify the overall document production workflow.

To address the need for flexible and scalable document automation technology, Experian relied on the combined expertise of Precisely and Océ. The partnership pairs high- speed Océ digital printing with EngageOne Compose composition software from Precisely to create a manageable, productive document factory. “We use EngageOne Compose to produce Experian’s personalized consumer credit reports,” said Steve Mears, Experian’s IT Director.

With the implementation of the EngageOne Compose solution, Experian can compose and preview documents on the desktop prior to printing. The company is able to generate Advanced Function Printing (AFP) by unit testing the application fully before executing EngageOne Compose on the mainframe. According to Mears, “Experian also uses the EngageOne Compose post-production engine to handle specific finishing requirements such as Optical Mark Recognition reprints, outsorting and other functions best performed after pages are composed.”

The EngageOne Compose production engine runs under Microsoft Windows and IBM OS/400 and can generate multiple outputs. EngageOne Compose generates AFP, which is sent to the Océ FlexServer systems. In addition to AFP, Océ handles a variety of other print data formats without conversion issues or rewriting of applications. The FlexServer system uses Océ PRISMA document management capabilities to route documents to the appropriate printers.