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Customer Story

David Nieper Ltd, UK

Assure Monitoring and Reporting provides David Nieper Ltd, UK with consolidated reporting that doesn’t impact system performance

David Nieper Ltd, UK is a multinational company, with offices in the UK, France, Germany and Holland. The IT team needed a solution to meet the highest standards of PCI-DSS compliance, both to adhere to strict regulations and give complete confidence to senior management and customers, guaranteeing high performance security systems.

Their key requirements include:

  • Real time email reporting for exceptions
  • Able to be implemented on all LPARS with central management
  • Daily email reports summarizing hundreds of thousands of journal entries that are simple to understand and quick to comprehend
  • Capable of producing ad hoc reports as required, potentially using audit data captured up to a year ago
  • A subset of the data to be sent to a Splunk platform
  • All reports to be available for at least a year
  • Access to the captured information must be quick, easy and flexible
  • The ability to provide automated reporting
  • Implementation must be straight forward and have no impact on the performance of the underlying applications.

David Nieper’s reputation is based on its high quality designs and an exceptional level of customer service, provided to each and every customer.Customer relationships are at the heart of the business and central to the entire operation. The company takes pride in their customer’s exceptional brand loyalty and welcomes many back season after season to buy from the latest collections.

Trust is an essential part of this relationship. Trust that when a customer places an order their expectations are met and exceeded, both in the purchase they are making and with the purchasing process itself. David Nieper offers customers com- plete peace of mind that their personal and financial data will be treated with the utmost care and respect, and safeguarded with the highest level of security.

One of the secrets of David Nieper’s success is their extensive investment in custom written and bespoke applications which are designed to meet their specific needs for forecasting, manu- facturing, sales, purchasing, accounting and payroll, all running on an IBM POWER 814 with multiple LPARS.

Their IT Team needed to find a solution that efficiently and cost-effectively was able to report on the audit data contained in the IBM i journals on all of their LPARs.

In this case study, you’ll learn how Assure Monitoring and Reporting meets David Nieper’s needs with consolidated reporting that doesn’t impact system performance.