Customer Story

Confirm Helps Aberdeenshire Council Better Streamline and Manage Public Works

Aberdeenshire is a vast rural council area in northern Scotland. Its rugged landscape includes craggy mountains, an extensive coastline, small towns, farmland, and Balmoral Castle (Queen Elizabeth II’s summer residence). Aberdeenshire Council is responsible for managing all the public works assets in its council area. These include 45,000 street lights, 1,600 bridges, 3,400 miles of road, 70,000 drainage ditches, cemeteries and playground equipment. All told, Aberdeenshire maintains more than 422,000 assets.

The inspection, maintenance and repair of Aberdeenshire’s public works is handled by staff from numerous departmental teams working in 30 maintenance locations. The council needed a way to consolidate the multiple software systems used in its asset management cycle. It wanted employees to be able to communicate easily across departmental teams, thereby streamlining work processes. It also needed to simplify resident reporting, such as when a resident finds a streetlight outage or new pot hole. And Aberdeenshire knew it would eventually have to find a way to more effectively tackle flooding and other weather-related issues that affect roads.

Aberdeenshire Council deployed Confirm infrastructure asset management software solution from Precisely. This solution provides public bodies with the insight needed to make informed decisions on asset repair and maintenance. The council uses the solution to improve employee collaboration, and to better track the status of its assets. The council also uses ConfirmConnect, a mobile asset management program that uses smartphones and tablets to enable the real-time flow of information between headquarters and field workers. Seventy Aberdeenshire inspectors use ConfirmConnect in the field, recording any asset flaws they find and feeding that information into Confirm software.


Aberdeenshire Council