Customer Story

Asset Management Solution Helps Glen Eira City Council Enhance Efficiency and Service to The Community

Glen Eira City Council manages infrastructure and minimizes costs

Government agencies around the world are responsible for providing a multitude of services to their communities. This includes the management of everything from repairing a roadway to collecting rubbish in a park. Glen Eira City Council is no exception. The council required a solution that would help it make informed decisions about critical public infrastructure assets, while also maintaining a tight budget. Working with Precisely, the council implemented the Confirm and Confirm Connect solutions to manage its asset portfolio, increase operational efficiency and improve service to the community.

Without an efficient solution to manage its assets, the council struggled with conveying information to staff and maintaining infrastructure throughout the council. Its responsiveness fell short of the community’s expectations. Like many local authorities, the council faced increasing pressure to respond efficiently to customer requests and ongoing budget constraints. The council recognized that it needed to improve its efficiency and cost savings by adopting a more dynamic approach to live in-field asset maintenance. Implementing an enterprise asset management solution that interfaced with other corporate systems would enable the council to solve these issues along with a variety of others, such as communication to staff; allocation of resources and ability to manage jobs; accountability among contractors; risk management; and service to the community.

The council turned to Precisely for its Confirm enterprise asset management and Confirm Connect mobile asset management solutions. Confirm software provides government bodies with the insight to make informed decisions on repair, maintenance and investment for critical public infrastructure assets.

Using mobile technology, Confirm Connect enables a real-time, two-way flow of information between asset operations and the field workforce. Users can manage inspections, surveys and work crew activities on-site. The solution allows staff to view live task lists; update asset locations, conditions and attributes; and complete maintenance activities and inspections. Additionally, Confirm Connect enables inspectors, surveyors and work crews to spend more time in the community completing critical jobs. They can utilise scarce resources efficiently, and maintain accountability at all levels.

Glen Eira City Council