What is Geotagging?

Geotagging is the process of appending geographic coordinates to media based on the location of a mobile device. Geotags can be applied to photos, videos, websites, text messages, and QR codes, and could also include time stamps or other contextual information.

Why is Geotagging Important?

Geotagging provides helpful insight into consumer activity. By using geotags to analyze where and how consumers interact with their brands, organizations can provide specialized offers and messaging. Geotags also reveal where individuals are when engaging with a website, or where they move throughout the day with their mobile device.

Consumers often choose to tag their social media content with a location to share their activity with family and friends. Geotags can also be applied when location services are enabled on a mobile device. These geotags not only increase brand awareness, but also provide insight into foot traffic that can be used for planning and analysis in the retail industry and public sector.

Retailers and restaurants can use geotags to see how consumers are engaging with their brands and can inform advertising campaigns based on that activity. Likewise, local governments or public planning departments can analyze geotags to better understand their constituents and where they need products and services.

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What are the benefits?

Detail and accuracy are key when it comes to geotagging. Consumers posting to social media want accurate, specific options for sharing their location, and organizations need the ability to drill down to the appropriate geographic level for their analyses. 

Precisely Boundaries and Precisely Points of Interest data provide the level of detail and variety necessary for effective geotagging. Precisely’s extensive data curation process ensures that geotags are accurate for both the consumers who wish to use them and the analysts whose goal it is to identify them.

Precisely Boundaries data provides worldwide demarcations of administrative, neighborhood, and community boundaries that consumers typically interact with. Precisely Points of Interest data identifies businesses or landmarks at the address level, as well as pre-built geofences that delineate the property of specific businesses. These datasets are part of the PreciselyID network, making it easy to link other datasets to geotagged data and enrich it for further analysis.

How Precisely can help

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