Solution Sheet

Product Sheet: Confirm

Take a smarter approach to infrastructure lifecycle management with Precisely’s Confirm

Get more insight from your data, more productivity from your team and more value from your public infrastructure assets. The Confirm intelligent infrastructure management solution streamlines business processes related to each phase in an asset’s lifecycle. It improves administrative-staff and field-worker productivity, accelerating decision-making by providing access to critical information anytime and from anywhere. Whether you are assessing project timelines, scheduling crews, setting budgets or tracking performance, you can rely on Confirm to deliver the more accurate, timely information you need.

Access the information you need, when and where you need it

Work anywhere
Add mobility, accuracy and efficiency to your asset-management strategy. Field crews can access this solution from any hand-held device and upload critical information remotely to ensure real-time data availability. They can even continue to work offline when connectivity is unavailable.

Communicate better
The Confirm solution centralizes your data on public infrastructure to facilitate collaboration among your agency’s officials, field teams and contractors. With support for citizen self-service and 311 integration, you can respond quickly to constituent inquiries, reduce call volumes and track job progress, thus improving the quality of service delivery.

Plan smarter
Enable proactive maintenance and other cost-effective, preventive strategies. With the right perspective, you can make informed decisions about how to maintain safe
conditions and meet service level agreements. Get the data you need to justify budget allocations, major repairs and replacements.

Achieve better control over assets and budgets
• Monitor asset condition in real time
• Optimize maintenance schedules
• Maximize worker productivity
• Simplify contractor management
• Extend service life of assets

How the Confirm solution works

This solution combines state-of-the-art data management with advanced geographic information system (GIS) capabilities. From communicating with your citizens to leveraging tools for visualization and analysis, it brings greater accuracy, efficiency and value to every process and project.