Customer Story

Working Closely with Local Governments to Smooth Out Roadway Maintenance Processes

Spectrum Spatial and Confirm solutions help local governments optimally meet their clients’ needs

Working with local governments, this integrated highway service provider designs and operates highway solutions across the United Kingdom. It repairs potholes and streetlights, cuts back overgrown trees, grits icy roads, clears blocked drains, and reapplies lane lines that have deteriorated. Unlike a typical contractor, the company’s employees work in clients’ offices and partner with local government staff to identify and repair roadway problems. The company is always working to improve efficiencies in these processes, and they have found solutions with Spectrum Spatial and Confirm.

“One way we discover roadway issues is through reports from the public,” says a business solutions architect with the company. “A few years ago, someone might call to tell us there was a massive pothole located ‘down along High Street.’ The U.K. suf-fers quite badly in some of its roads, and our guys might have to drive around for a while trying to locate that particular pothole. “Our teams were continuously going to locations that were inaccurate, and that cost money for us and potentially, for our clients,” the architect adds. The firm saw an opportunity to improve the way it accepted public reports of roadway problems, by enabling members of the public to pinpoint the problem on a map.

The company chose Precisely Spectrum Spatial and Confirm Strategic Asset Management solutions and worked with Precisely Professional Services to modify the solution to optimally meet its clients’ needs. “Spectrum Spatial is very customizable,” says another of the firm’s business solutions architects. “We use around 15 percent of the features straight out of the box. The other 85 percent we’ve customized.”

Now, the company provides clients with an online tool through which residents can report problems such as potholes. The tool will display potholes that have already been reported and sections of road due to be resurfaced in the near future. “Before they can drop a marker on the map to indicate their pothole, we ask them to make sure it has not already been reported,” the architect explains.

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