Customer Story

Lendlease Services Keeps Traffic Moving with Confirm

Peninsula Link opened in January 2013 to help ease traffic congestion on Melbourne’s freeway network and to complete the missing sections of the Mornington Peninsula Freeway. Peninsula Link connects three major freeways and is the first road in Australia to be delivered toll-free as an Availability Public Private Partnership (PPP) through the Southern Way consortium. Precisely Confirm asset management software was chosen by Lendlease Services to manage contractual requirements and to keep peninsula traffic moving.

To effectively manage a diverse mix of asset types, the solution needed to provide a central repository for asset related data holding a flexible asset register, condition and works data. Under this style of Availability PPP contract, specific requirements had to be fulfilled such as reporting of lane availability, road condition and closures. A high level of audit robustness was also required as the data contained within the system would directly impact on the commercial performance.

Confirm enterprise asset management solutions enable public and private sector organisations to deliver complex, critical public infrastructure services; maximising operational efficiencies while minimising administrative costs.

Confirm was chosen by Lendlease Services for the operations management, planned, proactive and reactive maintenance of the Peninsula Link. They use the system for both routine and corrective works to manage inspections and asset status. Confirm has allowed them to easily locate and identify any asset along the freeway. They can respond quickly to emergency maintenance issues such as accident repairs or inclement weather damage. Plus, general maintenance such as landscaping or electrical works can now be carried out on time. Improved management has allowed for more effective Freeway management, minimizing congestion, operational issues and impact on the public.

The management of assets is done through the use of the flexible linear asset register. Lendlease Services are able to record details of a wide range of linear assets that comprise the freeway such as shared use pathways, road surfaces and the drainage system.

Lendlease Services keeps traffic moving with Confirm