Customer Story

Dorset County Council Fast-Tracks Highway Maintenance by Deploying a Mobile Asset Management Solution

Situated along the southern coast of England, Dorset County Council is a picturesque county with a storied history. Three-quarters of the county’s coastline is included in the Jurassic Coast Natural World Heritage Site because of its geologic and paleontological significance, and more than half the county has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty by the British government. Points of interest in Dorset County include Corfe Castle, vanquished by Oliver Cromwell’s army in 1646, and excavated remains of Maiden Castle, an Iron Age hill fort. Seventy-five percent of the Dorset County coastline has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. It should come as little surprise that tourism is the county’s predominant industry.

One key responsibility of the Dorset County Council is ensuring that roadways are well-maintained for tourists, residents, businesses and everyone else. Thus, staff need visibility into maintenance and conditions of the roadways, as well as “street furniture” such as drains, signs, gullies and verges. Paul Moon, the council’s infrastructure and technology manager, is responsible for providing those insights. “We need to know exactly what we have, what condition it’s in, what needs to be done to it and where we need to spend money,” he says.

Previously, the county used an asset management system that did not work on mobile devices. “Resident concerns would be entered into the system, then a paper record would be created,” Moon says. “Highway engineers, inspectors and operational works crews would have to drive to the depot to collect the paper.” (See Figure 1.) “At the work sites, they would record what they did,” Moon continues, “then they would drive the paper back to the depot, where eventually the paper record would be entered into a system by administrative staff. There was a lot of waste.”

The council began looking for a solution to support more efficient processes. “We needed a system that would fully support mobile working,” Moon says. “We also needed better mapping and better reporting, and we wanted to make sure it was asset management- centric.” Among all their options, the Precisely Confirm® Enterprise Asset Management solution best met these criteria.

Dorset County Council fast-tracks highway maintenance by deploying a mobile asset management solution