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City of Sydney Turns to Confirm Software to Help Steer Course to Sustainability

Sustainable Sydney 2030, a collective vision for “a green, global and connected Sydney,” outlines the City of Sydney’s ambitious environmental, economic, social and cultural goals. It is based on a deep commitment to environmental leadership, high levels of service and quality facilities for the residents, businesses and visitors to one of the world’s most livable cities. To help realize this vision and comply with legislative mandates, the city must be able to manage the lifecycle of AU$12.7 billion worth of infrastructure assets.

As is the case in many cities, the various assets in Sydney are managed by multiple departments of the council. Before implementation of the Corporate Asset Management System (CAMS), each department maintained one or more separate asset registries. At one point, the city had more than 60 sources of asset data residing on various platforms. The city sought to combine these into a central registry that would be readily accessible to the council.

Because much of the asset management work is done in the field, CAMS would need to provide mobile access and functionality, both for the asset managers and asset inspectors, and for the contractors whom they hire. In addition, to perform comprehensive cost-analysis and long-term planning, CAMS would need to be integrated with the council’s key business applications, including its customer service module, planning and financial application and Geographic Information System (GIS).

The CAMS implementation was an ambitious undertaking, requiring diverse council departments to embrace a new integrated asset management approach. That’s why the council went to tender seeking well-structured asset management technology, with proven ability to interface to the key business applications, which would make it appreciably easier for staff members to do their work, and thus see the benefits of transitioning from spreadsheets to the integrated asset management system.

The combination of data consolidation, back-end integration, and the workflow improvements made possible by ConfirmWorkzone and ConfirmConnect are creating time efficiencies that translate into lower costs and improved levels of service for the City of Sydney.

City of Sydney turns to Confirm software to help steer course to sustainability