Customer Story

City of Ballarat Improves Efficiency and Cost Savings with Mobile Asset Management Solution

City of Ballarat manages assets and strategic growth

Like many local government authorities in Australia, the City of Ballarat needed to extend its asset management solution to manage all council assets while also supporting capital works planning. The Council required a solution that would enable staff to easily record issues directly in the field and to route jobs to the best staff for prompt action.

In recent years, the Council has focused its attention on proactive field based inspections of council assets. The manual and laborious nature of the original process resulted in procedural difficulties, including data upload and download inefficiencies, which required staff to rigorously check into the depot each day. The Council recognised that these problems could be resolved by adopting a more dynamic approach to live, in-field asset maintenance.

An existing client of Precisely, the City of Ballarat was using the Confirm solution for enterprise asset management. The Council again turned to Precisely for its Confirm solution, designed to enable staff to manage and maintain asset information away from their computers. The solution was implemented in a short time frame, allowing Council to get a quick return on investment.

ConfirmConnect is a mobile asset management solution that enables a real-time two way flow of information between the asset owner and field workforce of their assets. Users can manage inspections, surveys and work crew activities on-site using the latest mobile technology. The solution connects to Confirm, allowing users to view live task lists, update asset locations, conditions and attributes, and complete maintenance activities and inspections throughout Ballarat.

Using a smart device assists with quick adoption of the technology as staff can update asset records immediately with limited computer literacy. The asset database is updated automatically with maintenance activities, eliminating data duplication overheads and ensuring a single point of truth across all systems, including GIS (Geographic Information System) and IAMS (Internet Access Management System).

City of Ballarat improves efficiency and cost savings with mobile asset management solution