What is Geolocation?

Geolocation is real-time global postal address validation and geocoding. Geolocation reduces the uncertainty in data collection by automating much of the key field population. This automation relieves administrative workloads and ensures that data delivered to downstream operations is accurate, complete, and consistent.

Why Geolocation is Important?

Incorrect addresses can increase risk, fraud, and the costs of failed and repeat deliveries. Managing worldwide address standards and geocode information is a challenge. High-volume address verification and standardization is a must-have to build comprehensive and trusted customer profiles and enable linkage and geo-enrichment. 

Geolocation solutions deliver high quality addresses so your organization can:

  • Identify households
  • Uncover relationships
  • Detect networks and patterns
  • Get to know your customers better – where they live, work and travel
  • Improve customer engagement, communication, and interaction

Precisely’s global address validation solutions optimize address data quality across vast volumes of records for more than 220 countries. With this common reference point, organizations can build and enrich robust customer profiles across the enterprise and around the globe.

Precisely’s Trillium Geolocation can improve accuracy and efficiency of your business applications


Real-time address verification automatically recognizes, formats and validates address data by country, with appropriate multinational characters and casing. Powerful addressing engines deliver the best results for each country and region. Using Precisely address validation and geocoding solutions, businesses improve deliverability, simplify compliance, and enhance customer engagement at scale.

Precisely global address solutions offer advanced parsing and built-in machine learning capabilities that continually improve speed, accuracy, and processing ability across different address formats and sources. 

By continually learning and interpreting address conventions and variations, the software minimizes manual intervention and easily scales to meet high-volume demands. The open system design enables deployment in any environment, from a single server to big-data platforms.

Precisely geolocation products assign a unique identifier to each address as part of the address verification and standardization process, making it easier to link data across your organization, accelerate processing, and gain a single, comprehensive, and trusted customer view.

Integration with existing application architectures means that companies can parse and enrich address data, as well as append latitude and longitude geodata coordinates, directly within business applications.

Integration is easy through Precisely’s set of industry standard APIs that allow a broad range of integrations, available in the cloud or on premises.

How Precisely Can Help

Learn how Precisely’s Trillium Geolocation improves the accuracy and efficiency of your business applications with real-time global postal address validation and geocoding integration.