Precisely ConnectSyncsort Connect
New brandingFormerly known as
ConnectReplaces Connect CDC, Connect ETL and Connect for Big Data


Precisely IronstreamSyncsort Ironstream
New brandingFormerly known as
Ironstream for Splunk®Ironstream for Splunk®
Ironstream for ServiceNow®Ironstream for ServiceNow®


Precisely AssureSyncsort Assure
New brandingFormerly known as
Assure SecurityAssure Security
Enforcive Enterprise Security SuiteEnforcive Enterprise Security Suite
Assure MIMIXAssure MIMIX
Assure MIMIX for AIX®Assure MIMIX for AIX®
Assure QuickEDDAssure QuickEDD
Assure iTERAAssure iTERA


Precisely SyncsortSyncsort Elevate
New brandingFormerly known as
Syncsort MFXElevate MFSort
Syncsort Optimize IMSElevate IMS
Syncsort Optimize DB2Elevate DB2
Syncsort Optimize IDMSElevate IDMS
Syncsort Network ManagementElevate Network Management
Syncsort Capacity ManagementElevate Capacity Management




Precisely Spectrum Quality
New brandingFormerly known as
Spectrum DiscoverySpectrum Customer Information Management – including Spectrum Metadata Insights
Spectrum QualitySpectrum Customer Information Management – including Business Stewardship Module, Universal Name Module, Spectrum OnDemand, Smart Data Quality, and Data Quality Connectors
Spectrum Global AddressingSpectrum Customer Information Management – including Global Address Management Module and Universal Address Module


Precisely Spectrum Context
New brandingFormerly known as
Spectrum Context GraphSpectrum Customer Information Management – including Data Hub, Screener, and Data Science for AML
Spectrum Data FederationSpectrum Customer Information Management – including Data Integration, Data Integration Connectors, and Data Federation/Logical Modeling
Spectrum Machine LearningSpectrum Customer Information Management – including Data Science, Data Miner, Entity Extraction, Data Science for AML, and Machine Learning modules


Precisely TrilliumSyncsort Trillium
New brandingFormerly known as
Trillium DiscoveryTrillium Discovery
Trillium QualityTrillium Quality
Trillium GeolocationTrillium Global Locator




Precisely Spectrum Spatial
New brandingFormerly known as
Spectrum SpatialSpectrum Spatial
Spectrum Spatial RoutingSpectrum Enterprise Routing Module
Spectrum Spatial InsightsSpectrum Spatial Insights


Precisely Spectrum Geocoding
New brandingFormerly known as
Spectrum GeocodingGlobal Geocoding Module
Spectrum Enterprise TaxGeoTax


Precisely MapInfo
New brandingFormerly known as
MapInfo ProMapInfo Pro




New brandingFormerly known as
Precisely StreetsWorld Streets
Precisely BoundariesWorld Boundaries
Precisely Points of InterestWorld Points of Interest
Precisely AddressesAddressing
Precisely DemographicsWorld Demographics




Precisely EngageOne
New brandingFormerly known as
EngageOne CommunicateEngageOne Communicate, EngageOneConverse, and EngageOne Video
EngageOne Digital Self-ServiceSmart Bill, Smart View, Smart Pay, and EngageOne Vault
EngageOne ComposeEngageOne Compose portfolio
EngageOne EnrichmentEngageOne Enrichment