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Personalized communications to strengthen customer engagement

When customers have questions, they want answers: fast, real-time, 24/7. Research conducted with the CMO Council has stated that critical channels of engagement must be “seamless, personalized and omnichannel.”

The EngageOne Communicate family of solutions – Video, Converse, and Communicate – enables organizations to engage clients when, where and how they want. These cloud-based digital solutions are created for the business user, who can easily design and deliver personalized, interactive customer communications for any channel, ensuring the customer’s journey is seamless and in real-time.

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EngageOne Video

Evolve to video that interacts, and experience EngageOne Video, the cloud-based platform that’s cost-effective, intuitive and fast to deploy.

Whether you’re looking to reach dozens of clients or millions of prospects, EngageOne Video delivers engagement levels much greater than standard videos. Viewers can interact and select the specific topics that interest them, and data-driven, personalized content responds in real time to viewer preferences. You can explain bills and statements, highlight special offers, onboard new customers and more.

The easy-to-use design interface allows any business user to rapidly create and deploy simple video communications in minutes.

  • Make use of an extensive library of templates
  • Upload existing brand assets
  • Integrate live content including data, text, imagery, and video from external sources

In addition, many of our leading customers have larger scale campaigns. And with EngageOne Video, we can accommodate full creation, production and delivery of professional projects directly or in partnership with an agency of your choice.

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EngageOne Converse

Gartner research has found 85% of customers will engage with your brand without ever interacting with a human. If they can find the answers they need online, it’s their preference. Chatbots empower this interaction, answering up to 80% of common questions instantly, 24/7/365.

Enter EngageOne Converse, a fast, simple and cost-effective chatbot platform that can be deployed to Facebook Messenger, the web, portals, mobile, and more. These automated conversations work seamlessly across channels, using real-time customer data and location information. With advanced analytics, you can examine customer conversations to identify gaps, then adapt and redeploy to provide an even better experience.

Customers can speak in their own words and get answers straight-away. Natural Language Processing (NLP) maps your customer’s needs to the right answer while allowing them to type in their own words.

And if your customers aren’t getting the answers they want? Live Takeover allows you to monitor conversations and take them over as needed, maintaining the service your customers have come to expect.

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EngageOne Communicate

SMS and email are two of the top four critical channels of choice for consumers. And with EngageOne Communicate, you can create personalized, responsive SMS and email communications that work together to optimize engagement from anywhere to everywhere.

Designed for business users, they can quickly build responsive communications using ready-to-use templates, or create and import new ones. No coding skills are required. Drag & drop editing capabilities at your fingertips.

Data-driven and instantaneous, users can bring in data from a variety of sources to hyper-personalize each communication.

EngageOne Communicate also comes with advanced analytics, allowing users to understand how recipients are engaging through simple dashboards, allowing you to continually refine communications and target your customers based on their actions.

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Deliver personalized and interactive experiences – no matter how, where or when the customer chooses to interact
Easy to use
Designed for the business user to make and deploy changes in real time
Advanced analytics
Track, measure and analyze every metric of importance
Anytime, anywhere and on any screen, delivering relevant and in-context digital communications

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