Solution Sheet

Sales & Service Portal

Self-service access to real-time product content anytime, from anywhere.

To compete and thrive in a digital-first economy, companies must deliver exceptional experiences across touchpoints. Demand for the choice and flexibility of multi-channel engagement exposes today’s B2B and B2C consumers to more options and tailored interactions than ever before. In such a hyper-competitive marketplace, the quality of your products is irrelevant if you can’t stand out from the crowd. Secure, role-based access ensure internal and external users always have the latest product content while maintaining PIM data integrity.

The Precisely Sales and Service Portal allows you to set permission levels based on user traits like type and location to regulate activity. You can also extend existing SSO credentials for easier access. The EnterWorks Sales & Service Portal provides the high-quality product information and agility customer-facing teams need to facilitate these seamless, engaging omnichannel experiences. Secure, real-time access to validated PIM data and digital assets ensures up-to-date, compelling collateral is always a click away. And on-demand publishing enables users to create personalized and localized content on the fly while reducing manual effort.

Enable teams to sell and serve better:

  • Current product data: Provide up-to-date content and images—without PIM access—to ensure collateral is consistent and accurate
  • Self-service publishing: Create and print on-brand collateral fast—basic pre-approved templates included, with options to customize
  • Digital asset repository: Upload new images to refresh assets—users can access images individually or when creating documents
  • Product finder: Help users find what they’re looking for quickly with enhanced filtering and search functionality
  • Content syndication: Users can configure templates for content downloads based on individual reseller specifications on demand
  • Multi-domain personalization: Incorporate other data types to create more personalized assets, like customer-specific price books
  • Easy customization: Insert and revise details like store location and sales rep contact information to adapt and localize materials

The Sales & Service Portal automatically pulls data and digital assets from the PIM, eliminating manual processes to streamline updates and new product introductions. You can also upload supplemental information like documentation or instructions to support sales activities and send alerts to notify users of changes and additions.

Read this solution sheet to learn more about the Sales & Service Portal.

Sales & Service Portal