StreetPro Traffic

StreetPro Traffic provides information about relative traffic volumes on the StreetPro network. It can be purchased as a standalone dataset or as an add-on to StreetPro Navigation or StreetPro Navigation Premium.

We take anonymous feeds from billions of positioning devices within vehicles (smart phone, satellite navigation, and other in-car devices). This floating car data (FCD) provides speed, time, and direction of travel information which is used in the StreetPro family of products. The growing network of FCDs currently exceeds 550 million devices and processes 11 billion measurements daily, covering 460 million miles travelled.

StreetPro Traffic uses FCD to provide aggregate counts of the number of probe devices that were recorded on a road segment within the StreetPro road network during a specific hour on a given day. Results are then aggregated by month. For example, a count of 100 in the 1 AM to 2 AM weekday time group for January indicates that a total of 100 probes were detected on that part of the road network, travelling in one direction on weekdays between the hours of 1 AM and 2 AM, in the month of January.

Traffic Volume: Support Business-critical Decision-making Processes


  • Support numerous business-critical decision-making processes
  • Provide input into strategic investment planning, profitability management, and management of tactical business issues
  • Understand seasonal variation


  • Probe counts for each of the previous 12 months
  • A unique ID that links counts to street segments in StreetPro products
  • Counts per hour in 24-hour time buckets
  • Counts for weekday and weekend
  • Average counts across the preceding 12 months for weekday and weekend by hour of day


  • Provides indicative traffic volumes for a wide variety of planning and analysis applications
  • Covers more than 50 countries with consistently structured data
  • Offers complete coverage of each country, including urban streets, highways, and rural roads
  • Includes detailed instructions for use in a variety of databases and systems



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