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Start building your data fabric architecture with the Precisely Data Integrity Suite

Exploring Data Fabric

The time is now to explore data fabric with the Precisely Data Integrity Suite. Modern data architectures like data fabric promise faster, and more efficient access to data on demand. Data fabric is an innovative data architecture that facilitates seamless data access, management, and sharing across an organization through a combination of data management components.

Precisely Data Integrity Suite

The Precisely Data Integrity Suite can help you prepare your data ecosystem for this new approach by supporting requirements such as automating integration of siloed data across modern and traditional sources for continuous data updates, managing metadata to drive comprehensive metadata-driven recommendations, and centralizing business-friendly data governance to ensure understanding of data policies, meaning, and accountability and self-service delivery of data products for trusted and actionable insights. Start your journey to a more modern data fabric approach today.

Data Integration
Data Observability
Data Governance
Data Quality
Geo Addressing
Spatial Analytics
Data Enrichment

The Evolution of Data Governance

At Gartner UK in May 2024, Tendü Yoğurtçu, PhD, CTO at Precisely and Nicola Askam, The Data Governance Coach discuss the evolution of data governance to drive innovation and not just tick boxes for compliance. Topics where data governance is taking center stage include empowering data & analytics teams to be more proactive, ensuring data integrity for data leveraged for AI and GenAI, and preparing for modern data management strategies like data fabric and data mesh.

Precisely Strategic Services

Data management programs like data fabric can lose focus in different ways. Sometimes it is as simple as not knowing how to get started…other times existing programs fail to document real business value. Precisely Strategic Services has deep domain and industry expertise that help your teams clearly articulate the strategy, build the business case, and track metrics that will quickly deliver value to your organization.

Get in touch with Strategic Services to learn how you can get started today.

Precisely Strategic Services

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