GBPro 500

GBPro 500 contains 23 layers of data for Great Britain, including county boundaries, airports, railways, national parks, urban areas, motorways, rivers, and lakes.

The MapInfo Pro workspace makes GBPro 500 easy to use and understand. The workspace displays and labels each layer at an optimal zoom level. The GBPro 500 workspace uses a wide variety of display styles so that you can easily distinguish between the layers.

Great Britain Maps: Produce Modern Cartographically Pleasing Maps


  • Conduct routing workflows
  • Visualize street networks
  • Calculate drivetimes
  • Pinpoint addresses
  • Ensures timely, highly accurate data via regular updates
  • Integrate into enterprise systems from the desktop level to corporate GIS and beyond
  • Produce modern, cartographically pleasing maps


GBPro 500 includes the following feature layers:

  • A Roads
  • Areas of interest
  • B Roads
  • Background
  • Cities
  • Coast
  • Counties
  • International airports
  • Land
  • Large lakes
  • Large rivers
  • Major railway stations
  • Major railways
  • Motorway junctions
  • Motorway service areas
  • Motorways
  • National boundaries
  • Parks
  • Primary roads
  • Settlements
  • Small towns
  • Towns
  • Urban areas



  • Provides concise mapping of Great Britain in a consistent format
  • Features a Key Map as the single location for symbols
  • Includes a MapInfo Pro Workspace
  • Contains British National Grid coordinates to one meter resolution
  • Provides 1:500K vector and raster map data of Great Britain
  • Styled in the cartographic styles familiar to users of a Great Britain road atlas for quick and easy visualisation and printing of high quality maps


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