Do You Know the Top 3 GDPR Struggles Throwing a Wrench Into Your GDPR Strategy?

Managing the Struggles of GDPR
Understand the top three GDPR struggles through our easy to read infographic

Metadata management 101
Struggle #1 – Identifying asset owners/Data stewards
  • Without an owner, who’s responsible?
Struggle #2 – Identifying personal data
  • Where is all (100%) of the personal data? What’s hidden will compromise your strategy.

Struggle #3 – False sense of security

Here are some crucial questions to ask to see if your bases are covered.

  • Do you have KPI’s on the data quality of your personal data?
  • How mature is your data governance process?
  • To what extent are you using all of your personal data?

As you see, GDPR compliance requires a multidisciplinary approach to overcome compliance hurdles

Understanding Data

Understanding Data

Clear transparency to understand data definitions, classifications, business lineage and impact analysis

Analyzing Data

Analyzing Data

Proactive identification of personally identifiable information with machine learning algorithms

Controlling Data

Controlling Data

Ensure integrity with data accuracy controls, and reconciliation validations to confirm policy implementation

If only you had a GDPR solution to solve many of these problems.


Backed by an automated process to govern, manage and use data.

Data360 Govern

Data360 Govern

Ensure consistent data identification (glossary)

Document location and usage of all personal data

Ensure that personal data processing is lawful

Require GDPR-compliant approvals for new data usage

Business Case

Data360 DQ+

Verify data accuracy and completeness

Reconcile data sources with approved uses

Track required actions to confirm compliance


Business Case

Data360 Analyze

Visualize where GDPR oversight is lacking

Understand the processes and applications using personal data

Use machine learning to identify hidden personal data


While there is no 100% solution to your GDPR compliance. Precisely helps you bridge the gap.

Get to work on a data governance program

Painful questions/concerns around GDPR

  • Where do we start???
  • How to document or operationalize data user/owner collaboration?
  • Lack of quality/completeness of data sets leads to risk in personal data analysis.
  • How to ensure total compliance thru 100% validation & reconciliation of data sets against opt-out list.
  • How to ensure ongoing compliance, with a dynamic single source of truth to document personal data definitions, locations, lineage and ownership?
  • How can you use advanced analytics to navigate the complexities of identifying whether data sets include personal data and gain a comprehensive view?