What is Geospatial Intelligence?

Geospatial intelligence, also known as location intelligence, informs confident decisions and better business outcomes by leveraging location to add context to data. How geospatial intelligence is achieved can vary from an individual using desktop mapping for location analytics and visualization to an enterprise integrating location data into their operational workflows. Rather than adding to the complexity of business data, location has the power to bring order to data and can serve as a common link between data silos.

Why Geospatial Intelligence is Important?

Geospatial intelligence unlocks your data’s hidden potential and reveals critical context, whether through spatial analytics or data enrichment, so you can trust your data for confident decision-making. 

Geospatial intelligence enables businesses and organizations to integrate location-based data into everyday business practices and access spatial analytics in a variety of platforms and environments. Applications built with geospatial intelligence can analyze economic trends, demographics, competition, politics, sales, transportation, and even the weather. 

Precisely’s geospatial intelligence solutions add essential elements for confident decision making


The greatest lift geospatial intelligence gives your business strategy occurs when highly accurate matches allow you to operationalize an address. To prepare an address to be properly located and enriched with additional context, proper cleansing, standardizing, and validation is important. Using highly accurate spatial analysis tools and data ensures the accuracy of geospatial intelligence, and globally consistent file structures enable organizations to conduct analysis across markets.

How Precisely Can Help

Geospatial intelligence helps you make smarter decisions about everything from site selection, targeted marketing, and risk management to routing, resource allocation, and network optimization. Spatial analytics tools consume data from highway traffic sensors, satellite imagery, and mobile assets. Then, these datasets must be quickly and reliably processed for accurate, actionable insights.

Analyzing datasets from a location perspective reveals patterns and relationships not seen in charts and graphs. Bottom line: geospatial intelligence helps you make faster, smarter, more confident decisions.

See how Precisely’s geospatial intelligence solutions adding the essential element of context to your data so you can trust it for confident decision making.