What is Data Visualization?

Data visualization provides an accessible way to see patterns, spot trends, and identify outliers in data. Leveraging the most common aspect of data – location – visual representations of geographic data convey meaning more effectively than spreadsheets, charts, reports, and graphs alone.

Simple and intuitive data visualization delivers context about that data. Done correctly, visualization accelerates data-driven insights through the democratization of data and analytics throughout an organization.

MapInfo Pro being used to perform drivetime analysis

Why Data Visualization is Important?

As businesses accumulate massive amounts of data, they need to find methods to quickly organize, manage, and analyze it. Geospatial intelligence and data visualization solutions are a natural fit to improve this process and present information to business stakeholders in an intuitive way.

Data visualization changes the way organizations work with data. Location intelligence helps businesses to make smarter decisions about everything from site selection, targeted marketing, and risk management to routing, resource allocation, and network optimization.

See how Precisely’s data visualization tools provide critical context based on location


How Precisely Can Help with Data Visualization

Data visualization tools, such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), enable you to perform spatial analytics and turn data into actionable insights. They are a fundamental resource underpinning applications from real estate site selection to sales strategy and citizen engagement. It can be integrated into any workflow or used to customize experiences that drive more efficient and enlightened decisions. 

Leveraging open data standards, interoperability, and scalability, Precisely makes it easy to activate geospatial data and data visualization for your unique needs and reveal actionable insights to drive superior outcomes.