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Customer Story

Smals: Governing Data in the eHealth Platform

Government controlled Belgian ICT services organization Smals assists around 100 institutions in managing their IT infrastructure, services, and data to help deliver public services more efficiently. Data quality has long been a central pillar of Smals’ work, and its Data Quality Competency Centre, part of the research department since 2004, provides guidance for its members, coaching and training of for data stewards, as well as project-oriented consultancy.

One of Smals’ key members is the Belgium eHealth platform and Smals required more robust data matching and data quality capabilities to support it.
“The datasets that are exchanged through the eHealth Platform are huge, so it was imperative that we found a data quality solution that was scalable.  Precisely’s solution not only offered scalability, but it aligned with our data quality philosophy, was easy to use, powerful and capable of the level of complex fuzzy matching that we needed” said Dries Van Dromme, Data Quality and Analytics Consultant, Smals. “Most importantly, though, it supported and improved the important work of the eHealth platform.”

Read this case study to learn more about the challenges facing Smals; robust data matching and data quality capabilities for their eHealth Platform initiatives.