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Customer Story

How Precisely Built a New Organization Based on Trusted Data

“We build possibilities grounded in data.” That is Precisely’s purpose and reason for being. As the global leader in the data integrity software market, Precisely has helped thousands of customers trust that their data has maximum accuracy, consistency, and context by integrating siloed data, ensuring it is of high quality, extracting insights through location intelligence, and enriching it with third-party datasets. With the Precisely Data Integrity Suite, businesses can make more confident decisions and build possibilities grounded in data.

Precisely was born from the acquisition of the Pitney Bowes Software and Data business by Syncsort in December 2019, an acquisition that doubled the size of the company. As a result of the acquisition, the Precisely IT team was faced with a familiar challenge – integrating data from the two companies and making it available to the lines of business for smarter, faster decisions with trusted data.

Under the leadership of Chief Data and Information Officer Amy O’Connor, the Precisely IT team had to manage the needs of several line of business stakeholders, including Sales, Marketing, Legal, Support, Fulfillment, Professional Services, Finance, Tax, Analytics, and more. Each line of business had its own challenges and timelines required to maintain operational continuity through the integration of the two organizations. Furthermore, each stakeholder had different data requirements in overlapping systems.

For example, the CRM system alone had over 2,940 fields that were populated, and then replicated back to the data warehouse – each field with its own definition of acceptable values for things like pick lists. Building trusted data is an iterative process that requires IT teams to build scalable data pipelines, adhere to data standards, and commit themselves to continuous process improvement.

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