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Customer Story

Johnson & Johnson: Building the Business Case for Change

Strong sales performance across a diverse portfolio of brands created opportunities for operational improvements to support customers served by multiple lines of business and requests for consolidated invoicing. The question was posed: could Johnson & Johnson expect to bring all the operating companies under a common supply chain solution?

The answer was obscured by the disparity in how data was defined and how the systems of record were aligned among more than 50 production ERP systems. The absence of data standards and organizational ownership among data attributes further obscured the line of sight to successful process improvement and consolidation of systems. This gap in business insight was a clear trigger for an information governance strategy to establish clarity around ownership, definition and policy to support the increasing need for trustworthy insight and efficient global processes.

The Precisely team provided a vision and strategy for a common organization aligned to support business data needs across all operating companies and lines of business. The effort was driven by support and visibility at the board level with executive support within each operating business across the organization. The process was a two-month iterative review of strategic objectives and vision requirements. Concurrently a large management consulting strategy firm worked with business leaders on an overall vision for supply chain re-alignment and operational improvement, as well as the business case for change. The primary risk identified by the strategy firm was, you guessed it, data and information integrity.

The Precisely team was engaged as the sole provider of Enterprise Information Management strategy charged with building out a global data governance board, change management planning and development cycle for policies and procedures. The strategy cycle was a focused 8 week effort with a strong emphasis on organizational design and preparation. The results of the initial strategy provided enough confidence to both the supply chain strategy partner and board level executives to approve the enterprise supply chain redesign.

Read more about how Johnson & Johnson tackled the creation of change control procedures, common data elements that would serve as candidates for standardization, and scorecard metrics to measure each data domain, region, and process area.