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Customer Story

Giving Data a Voice at Ashland Inc.

Many of today’s large modern enterprises rely on successful mergers, acquisitions and divestitures as a significant part of their growth strategy, and Ashland Inc. is no exception. Their people, processes and systems are constantly moving and changing, which has made it increasingly challenging to remain innovative and agile in their quest for digital transformation.

Amplifying this challenge was little enterprise-level understanding of the importance of data and information. This is common even in the most established and mature organizations.  Executives would commonly point to “bad data”, but in reality the issue was a systemic lack of context and understanding of the data’s business impacts.

We had a lot of well documented business rules, but they were in a format that was consumable by the master data team, only. They were full of acronyms and ‘techy’ terms and lacked context around the business reason to have the rule,” said Greg Hill, Global Master Data Manager at Ashland Inc.

The Ashland Master Data Management team knew they needed to establish formalized governance policies, and that leading a cultural shift was critical for the business to access, understand and take advantage of data. They had to give data a voice for Ashland’s business.

Data was not a topic widely talked about at Ashland Inc.  Information was not considered a corporate asset nor was it on the radar in terms of digital transformation efforts. Understanding the importance of digital enterprise capabilities to enable future competitive advantage, Ashland turned to Precisely to help establish a framework for data governance and build a clear understanding of roles, responsibilities and processes.

“We chose Precisely because we wanted a unique firm that had a laser focus on data governance. Their concepts and previous experience along with their customized approach allowed us to build the right fit for our organization. It felt personalized and never like a one-size-fits-all approach,” said Christopher Grubaugh, Ashland’s Enterprise Data Leader.

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