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Customer Story

Media Giant Improves Contact Data Quality & Process

This leading multi-national media company has millions of worldwide contacts that are used by multiple internal business units to create targeted marketing campaigns. The company developed an ongoing enterprise-wide program to track and improve the contact data quality of acquired data before placing it in a central repository for general consumption. They approached Precisely with an urgent need for a solution to:

  • Govern and standardize their data quality rules
  • Automate application of the business rules to contact data
  • Provide insight into the quality of the data values
  • Identify and remediate the data issues Business challenge Inconsistent data ingested upstream had cascading effects on downstream consumers who required more time, effort and resources to inspect and remediate the data

Having identified the importance of monitoring the health of data sources at the ingestion point, the data acquisition operations team started data governance and data quality initiatives. The key challenge was the need for advanced data quality practices at the point of data ingestion. End consumers doubted the quality and reliability of the inbound data. Consumer confidence in the data as basic questions about these contact records could not be readily answered:

  • How many and which records passed conformity checks?
  • How many and which records passed business rule validations for the contact data elements?
  • How many and which records were duplicates of records already ingested?
  • How many and which records could be enriched to pass conformity and business rule checks?
  • Did we receive expected business value for the input file purchased?

Inaccurate data moving through the data supply chain was negatively impacting customer operations in a number of ways, including:

  • Additional time and resources were required to inspect, clean, enrich or disqualify the data
  • Campaign yield metrics were skewed by duplicate data and incomplete records
  • Correcting quality issues was expensive and required manual processes across multiple business units

The company searched for a cost-effective solution that could handle large data volumes and integrate
data governance with data quality. They sought a cloud-hosted solution with the flexibility to run a variety
of workloads, volumes and formats, while meeting enterprise requirements for system integration, data
security, protection and management.

Read how this leading media company created a formal governance model for critical contact data quality with Precisely Data360, including business rules to dictate when contact data is considered valid and complete.