Spectrum Data Federation

Access, integrate, virtualize, and synchronize data from a wide variety of applications and systems for more effective business intelligence, analytics, customer experience and operational efficiency

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Represent multiple data warehouses

By creating virtual copies of data, you can explore and manipulate your data in one place and use it for multiple applications. Virtualizing your data means you don’t have to manage unwieldy multiple copies.

Access is available through standard interfaces, while you retain control over the process. You can query multiple data sources as if they were a single, physically combined dataset, regardless of where the data resides.

Spectrum Data Federation lets you access data through connectors for many non-RDBMS systems, including cloud-based data in Salesforce.com or data stored within NoSQL databases. With on-demand data processing, you view the most current data without the lag found in most Data Warehouse and other ETL-based integrations.

Virtually connect disparate data sources

You need a unified view of the customer data that resides in various silos across your enterprise. But physically combining or moving these data sets can come with cost, risk and effort.

Spectrum Data Federation makes it easier and faster to get the insights you need. It federates your disparate data into a virtual view, combining cloud and on-premises sources – or traditional data stores – with new sources of information.

You get unified access to diverse, heterogenous data sources through a uniform user interface and all-in-one discovery, search and access:

  • Create virtual copies of data
  • Access data anywhere through standard interfaces and connectors
  • Query across multiple data sources
  • Expose Spectrum data flows through JDBC/ODBC
  • Process data on demand
  • Ensure centralized governance (users don’t access critical systems)

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Access and query your diverse data

Access, integrate and analyze data from a wide array of applications and optimize them according to your needs.

Spectrum Data Federation provides integration features to help you gain better insights to optimize your data assets. It offers:

  • Batch or real-time integration: Connect data from multiple data sources either directly or through access technologies integration
  • Join and query data: Use data from a variety of resources, while integrating with Salesforce, NetSuite, Marketo, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle Siebel and SAP
  • Data warehousing: Ideal for data warehousing, master data management (MDM) services, and systems migration
  • Data integration: Integrate with a variety of data sources (RDBMS systems, XML, CSV formats, HL7 and Hadoop)
  • Data migration: Integrate with most REST or SOAP services (from internally developed or external SaaS applications)
Data integration connectors

In order to use your data for insight, you need to be able to find and access it from all your on-premises and SaaS-based systems.

Spectrum Data Federation provides connectors to the most popular CRM, ERP, eCommerce and marketing automation systems through APIs and direct integration. This can be done via database layers or via SOAP/REST-based services​.

Our connectors enable real-time flow of current data (e.g. to synchronize new leads created in a marketing automation system with a CRM system) as well as support real-time and bulk integration. You can read, write, and synchronize data for single or multiple systems.

With no coding required, you can save time, eliminate programming complexities and reduce costs to ensure your data is fit for your purpose for standard entities and transactions. Leverage Spectrum on-premises connectivity​ and experience the benefits of a unified platform to build a customer-centric view of your data.

Read, write and synchronize data for single/multiple systems​.

Spectrum Data Federation
Spectrum Data Federation provides connectors to the most popular CRM, ERP, eCommerce and marketing automation systems through APIs and direct integration.


Combine data in various business silos with new sources of information for better customer insights
Act quickly with on-demand access to all your customer information in a single, unified view
Avoid the cost, risk and effort of physically combining different data sets
Access data anywhere through standard interfaces and connectors, and use data flows for multiple applications

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Spectrum Data Federation

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