Solution Sheet


Unleash the power of billions of real-time data points to radically boost results with Precisely’s Synchronize

Increase mobile-marketing effectiveness and boost response rates across every channel. Tap into millions of devices and billions of data points to apply insight precisely when, where and how you need it. Our Synchronize solution targets, creates and delivers hyperpersonal, hyper-local mobile marketing campaigns.

Boost your mobile ROI

  • Leverage data on 300+ million devices
  • Tap into demographics, behaviors, purchase intent and more
  • Generate location-based insight
  • Increase campaign efficiency in real time
  • Deliver hyper-personal advertising at scale

Take your mobile marketing to a whole new level
Every moment of every day, smartphones are transmitting data—information that consumers have agreed to share. Now you finally have a way to capitalize on these insights to promote the most relevant messaging to the ideal targets at precisely the right time.

Assess billions of data points instantly

With first-party location data for over 300 million devices and access to over 250 proprietary datasets, our Synchronize solution analyzes billions of data points in real time. Dynamic and self-optimizing, it continually assesses data such as demographics, location, timing, lifestyle and behaviors to identify “signals of intent”, uncovering your highest potential audiences, segments and advertising placements.

Locate success

Connect with customers when they’re in the ideal place to act. Advanced geofencing and beacon technologies instantly identify when customers are near a store, a branch or other key acquisition point, so you can engage them when you have your best opportunities for success.

Hyper-target, in real time

Rather than relying on bidstream data (nearly 80 percent of location data in the bidstream is inaccurate1), we leverage our own mobile data-management and demand-side platforms. These enable us to determine, with great precision, whether and how much to bid on ad placements. Within milliseconds, you’ll reach your best prospects at the best times and places for optimal ROI.

Captivate and convert

Combine rich analytics with visual and multi-media impact. Our Synchronize solution creates hyper-relevant, highly engaging ads in the format you choose. Support your omnichannel marketing efforts with classic ad banners. Boost engagement with rich media such as games, interactive quizzes and more. Drive awareness, impact and action by incorporating HD video. Our technology crafts your ads to their audience and delivers them where and when they’re most relevant.

Know what works

With full attribution built in, you’ll be able to see exactly how we boost your business. We provide full reporting on impressions, clicks and click-thru rates. Using custom analytics, we also rank and validate every impression. Plus, each month you’ll receive a report detailing new customer visits, repeat customer engagement, dwell time, and more.

Achieve radical omnichannel results

Our Synchronize solution outperforms the industry average for mobile-marketing campaigns by more than 100 percent. Plus, it’s demonstrated measurable synergies with direct mail, web and other marketing campaigns, increasing opens, responses and acquisition across channels.

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